John Green invented the Zero Twist putter heads. 
"From the tee to the green, I could hit the ball as well as anyone,"
he said. "But I'd always been such a lousy putter that I decided if
I couldn't improve my technique, I'd just build a better putter."


The Original Old Master Putter Company has its roots in the John Rouzee Green Company, which was founded and operated by a skilled engineer and entrepreneur, John Rouzee Green. Like most cottage industries, Old Master began in the utility room of Green’s home. But the real story originates years before. Green was playing golf by the time he was in first grade. He loved the sport. Played it every chance he could. He loved it so much that after he attended Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, in the early 50’s, he achieved the status of top amateur golfer in Kentucky from 1953 to 1955 consecutively. With his amateur golf successes behind him, Mr. Green took a position working in the plywood industry. Before long, he found himself transferred to Greensboro, North Carolina. It is here that the John Rouzee Green Company originated.

Green loved the game but as he put it: I could deliver a great drive. But it was my putting that was the challenge. I told myself that if I could not improve my putting technique, I would just build a better putter. So, the lowly utility room became a golf workshop and Green built putters and sold them for $7.50 each. The business flourished and he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in 1968, where he left the plywood business and began working full time on building his putters. In 1972, Mr. Green again moved and this time to York, South Carolina. Building the putters was not an issue, but, finding putter heads of exceptional quality was! And, Mr. Green’s fastidious guidelines for impeccable workmanship far surpassed what he could purchase on the open market. So, the decision was clear.


Green opened his own foundry and manufactured the putter
heads himself. This decision gave him greater flexibility.
He was able to control the quality issue and it also afforded
 him the opportunity to create a variety of new models,
many of which are covered by the US Governments patents. 


 With the opening of the foundry in 1974,  Old Master Putter Company was born. Since then, Greens foundry has produced quality putters by the thousands, including the likes of the Sensor Touch line, the Classic Feel series and the now popular Bronze Winners. Due to his high quality standards, Green attracted golf markets as far away as Japan, Australia, Spain, Germany and Brazil

In 1998, John Green was involved in a serious auto accident in which his sternum was broken. After months of recovery and therapy, Mr. Green decided it was time to retire..

So, after years of building 200 different models of putters with numerous patents and trademarks to his name, Green has passed the torch on to a new Old Master.

John Green will forever be one of the most respected names in the world of golf manufacturing. You will find in good company.

In the music industry, there is Frank Sinatra. In the automobile industry there is Lee Iiacocca. In architecture, there is Frank Lloyd Wright. As for golf, it has John Green, was a living legend in his own time.