About Jim McKee

Jim McKee, Owner of the Old Master Putter Company. He was born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania into a family with a strong manufacturing, custom machinery design and operations background. Jim's family resided in Chalfont, Pa, a small town not far from historic Doylestown, Pa. At the young age of 16, he took an “after school” position with a small local supermarket and remained employed there until his hire at Clemens Family Markets as an Assistant Produce Manager.

Over the next 30 years, McKee advanced through the ranks at Clemens, holding such positions such as Night Crew Forman, Grocery-Dairy-Frozen Manager, Store Manager, Corporate Produce Buyer and eventually Director of Fresh Food Equipment Sales. Jim's food industry and family manufacturing background began to come forward when he created an innovative salad bar design utility, that is patented to his credit. This unit is used today at food service locations through out the country.

A serious ankle injury forced McKee to initially give up all contact sports and play only Golf. Engaging the game with vigor and enthusiasm, a new world of possibilities presented themselves. Friends and co-workers had a need for re-gripped clubs. McKee met their requests and thus, began his business, Superior Golf Solutions in 1993.

Jim's fascination with golf continued and he dug into the history of the sport. He admired the original hickory shafted putters used by the old-time masters for their craftsmanship, strength and elegance. In 1995, McKee and his father, Mr. Harold McKee, designed and manufactured machinery to create old-fashioned, hickory-shafted putters.

Over the years, Jim and Mr. Green developed a strong business relationship, which culminated in the combination of these two niche businesses into what is today, the Old Master Putter Company. Jim's handcrafted hickory shafted putters and Mr. Greens putter heads formed a unique product, one that clients still value and love today.