Hand-Crafted Hickory-Shafted Putters

Old Master Putter Company, Inc., is a specialty putter manufacturer. Our core products are unique handcrafted finished hickory shafted putters. Our Shafts are made in the USA from the finest Maine hickory and turned in Leland, North Carolina. Our hickory products are reminiscent of an era gone by. They are designed for either functional play or display.

Laser engraving of your signature or company logo is available. Old Master Putter Company also supplies component merchandise and do-it-yourself kits of raw materials and instructions for creating your own putters.

Here at Old Master Putter Company, providing you with superior quality golf products is our number one goal. Your complete satisfaction with our products and services is paramount. We believe that you build a solid business and long standing customer relationships one customer at a time.


Made In America! 
Hickory from Maine.
Shafts turned in South Carolina
Single Hickory Putter Shaft $13.95 Each Buy Now»
Made In America!
Hickory from Maine.
Shafts turned in South Carolina
10-pack Hickory Putter Shafts $139.50 Pack Buy Now»

Set Includes:

Flag Stick Pole, Cup

and #1 Pin Flags 

Backyard #1 Pin Flag Set $33.95 Each Buy Now»


Pin Flag With 

Tie Strings

#1 Pin Flag $12.40 each Buy Now»